Academic Staff

Dr Sanjay Kinra
Professor in Clinical Epidemiology, LSHTM
Expertise: Paediatrics, Epidemiology and Public Health

Research interests: Epidemiology of non-communicable diseases in India; early life influences on adult health; food, nutrition and health; prevention and management of childhood obesity and its health consequences; traditional/complementary therapies and their integration with western medicine.

Dr GVS Murthy
Director of IIPHH, IIPHH & LSHTM
Research interests: Research and training at IIPH, Hyderabad; Principal Investigator for a number of projects.

Expertise: Public Health Disability; community eye care; control of blindness and visual impairment; epidemiology; public health management, health systems research with special emphasis on disability related issues.

Professor Shah Ebrahim
Professor of Public Health & Policy, LSHTM & SANCD, PHFI
Research interests: Prevention and management of chronic diseases in low and middle income countries

Expertise: Primary care, geriatric medicine and public health; chronic disease in India.

Dr Bharati Kulkarni
Scientist F (Senior Grade Deputy Director), National Institute of Nutrition, Hyderabad
Expertise: Nutritional epidemiology; pediatrics; public health

Research interests: Developmental origins of adult health and disease; body composition

Professor Roger Jeffery
Professor of Sociology of South Asia, University of Edinburgh
Expertise: Sociology;  health, health policy, social demography and education in South Asia

Research interests: The transformation in the Indian health system, 1980-2010

Dr Yoav Ben-Shlomo
Professor of Clinical Epidemiology, University of Bristol
Expertise: Clinical epidemiology; health services research

Research interests: Life course determinants of chronic diseases; the impact of migration and urbanisation on health

Professor George Davey-Smith
Professor of Clinical Epidemiology, University of Bristol

Research interests:

Dr Avula Laxmiah
Senior Deputy Director, NIN
Expertise: Medicine, public health and public health nutrition; epidemiology, operational research and evaluation of health and nutrition programmes

Research interests: Double burden of disease; NCD disease epidemiology; intervention trials

Dr John Gregson
Research Fellow, LSHTM
Medical statistics; cardiovascular disease epidemiology

Research interests: Relation of lipid-related markers with cardiovascular disease

Dr Rashmi Pant
Assistant Professor, IIPH Hyderabad
Expertise: Statistics; epidemiology

Research interests: Urbanicity; cardiovascular disease risk trajectories; measures of standard of living

Mr Souvik Bandyopadhyay
Senior Lecturer, IIPH Hyderabad
Expertise: Statistics

Research interests: Longitudinal and multivariate longitudinal data analysis; environmental statistics; response data and measurement error models; analysis of social survey data; statistical computing using R

Dr Nandita Bhan
Research Scientist & Adjunct Assistant Professor, SANCD, PHFI
Expertise: Social and behavioural sciences

Research interests: Social epidemiology of NCDs and ageing; multilevel methods; urbanisation

Dr Sutapa Agrawal
Epidemiologist, SANCD, PHFI
Expertise: Public health epidemiology; population demography; biostatistics; environmental geography

Research interests: Epidemiological analysis and statistical modelling of chronic disease epidemiology and risk factors in low and middle income countries.

Dr Aastha Agrawal
Research Fellow, SANCD, PHFI
Expertise: Biological anthropology; population genetics

Research interests: Genetics; epigenetic epidemiology

Dr Vipin Gupta
Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology, University of Delhi
Expertise: Biological anthropology; genetic epidemiology of non-communicable chronic diseases (type 2 diabetes, CVD and COPD), their measures and risk factors.

Research interests: Genomics/epigenomic epidemiology; public health 

Dr Gagandeep Kaur Walia
Senior Research Fellow, SANCD, PHFI
Expertise: Biological anthropology; genetic epidemiology

Research focus: Genetic and epigenetic epidemiology

Dr Preet K Dhillon
Epidemiologist Sr. Scientific Officer, SANCD, PHFI
Research interests: Association of inflammatory markers and dietary patterns; macro- & micro-nutrients and cardio-metabolic outcomes

Expertise: Epidemiology; public health; cancer

Dr Poornima Prabhakaran
PhD Student, SANCD, PHFI
Expertise: Medicine and chronic disease epidemiology

Research interests: Early life influences and life course approach to the study of chronic diseases; transgenerational studies looking at socio-environmental and genetic determinants of cardiometabolic risk

Ms Tina Sorensen
PhD Student, LSHTM
Expertise: Public Health Nutrition

Research interests: Agriculture and epidemiological transition; nutrition

Ms Mika Matsuzaki
PhD Student, LSHTM

Research interests: Bone health; physical activity

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